Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Heart Has Been Draining Into the Sea

"Sometimes you just feel
everything and nothing all at once.

Sometimes you'll find yourself smiling,
While missing something at the same time.
At times you can absolutely love a person,
All the while wanting to hate them."

"Why do I feel happy & sad all at once? Why do I still love the person that hurt me & want him back all the time?"

My head tells me "Get over it; you should be used to this by now...used to being alone."

My heart tells me "You'll never get over him; he's the only one for you."

I tell myself "Just cover it all up with that smile, maybe you'll start to feel better in a while."

When my head, heart, and self all tell me the same thing I believe I will finally find peace within myself.

It's a sad, sad thing to say but I lie to myself more than to anyone else. I think my current goal is to try and be more in touch with my feelings; my true feelings that is. Then maybe I'll stop feeling so confused, so alone, and so lost. Or it could just confirm my feelings and make me feel even worse. Worth a try though, because this...this just isn't working.

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